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How To Get Involved With Family Science & Engineering

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    Explore Family Engineering: An Activity and Event Planning Guide and Family Science to discover simple activities you can do at home, in schools, or at community events.

  • 2

    Sponsor a Family Science & Engineering workshop to train educators, engineers, parents, and others on how to introduce engineering to the public through informal learning experiences.

  • 3

    Host a Family Science & Engineering event in your community to provide a fun and engaging opportunity for families to work and learn together.

  • 4

    Join the Family Science & Engineering network of trained volunteers to help spread the word: engineering is for everyone!

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NSTA Recommends Family Engineering Book

Want to know more about our recent publication? Here’s the opening paragraph of a recent review of “Family Engineering: An Activity & Event Planning Guide” by NSTA Recommends: “Hosting a community family event can be an intimidating endeavor, but this guide’s detailed event planning resources and hands–on activities address every conceivable issue...

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Family Engineering & Family Science Guides

Family Engineering & Family Science Guides

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