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Family Engineering Highlighted in “Science and Children”

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Family Engineering received excellent exposure in the December 2012 issue of NSTA’s journal for elementary school educators, “Science and Children.” The article, “Family Style Engineering” was written by Lara K. Smetana, Joan Chadde Schumaker, Wendy Severin Goldfien, and Cheryl Nelson and highlights Family Engineering’s nationally proven model for implementing effective Family Engineering events.

Family Engineering Spreads to Argentina

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

In October the Foundation for Family Science & Engineering was invited to participate in the World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF 2012) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Representatives from the Foundation for Family Science & Engineering presented a paper on Family Engineering at WEEF 2012 and also took advantage of their time abroad to conduct public outreach for Family Science and Family Engineering.

Colegio Español in Rosario, Argentina hosted a dual workshop/professional development training for secondary-level teachers in Family Science and Family Engineering. The workshop was well-attended and the educators who participated found the exercises to be engaging and stimulating. Additionally, participants reported that they felt that these exercises had great potential for encouraging students to work collaboratively.

Representatives from the FFSE also hosted several events in Bariloche, with help from Karen Halberg of the Balseiro Institute, the Institute that is affiliated with the National Atomic Center of Argentina. Two secondary schools hosted Family Science and Family Engineering events: Escuela 123 and Antu Rucca. The FFSE facilitated two trainings for university faculty at the University of Rio Negro and at the Instituto Balseiro, and  also hosted a very successful family event at a vibrant community center called La Llave.  The local media took a strong interest in the FFSE’s work – David Heil from the FFSE and Karen Halberg were interviewed on a program entitled “Los Cientificos TV” and on Canal 6 News, which is broadcast throughout the Southern Cone region of Argentina.


Family Engineering in Grand Rapids, MI

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Eight students from the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers chapter at Michigan Technological University conducted a Family Engineering night in Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 9th. Local families gathered at Harrison Park elementary school to experience what it’s like working as a team on engineering challenge activities, such as how to create an assembly line to produce ballpoint pens in the least amount of time, how to design a light bulb with wires and batteries, and how to build a laucher to propel objects across the room.

When asked if they felt that Family Engineering Night was a worthwhile experience, the overwhelming response from families was yes!  “It gave my kids an enjoyable social experience while learning,” commented one participant. Another said that “It really made my family come together and have fun.”