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Henry Ford Elementary Hosts 2nd Annual Family Engineering Night

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

There was standing room only at the Second Annual Family Engineering Night at Henry Ford Elementary School on Thursday, February 12, 2015.  Over 300 participants packed the school to work together on engineering challenges that promote creative problem solving, teamwork and communication as they teach families about the role engineering plays in our everyday lives. There were 14 Opener Activities and this years’ Top 5 Family Favorites were: Tumbling Towers, Learning from Failure, Thrill Seekers, Let’s Communicate, and Domino Diving Board. New additions to the event included a Jet Car challenge sponsored by GM and the Society of Automotive Engineers, an electric car brought by DCMST, a Meet the Engineers center and 2 robotics centers.

Participants also tackled a Brain Saver Engineering Challenge. Families followed the Engineering design process : Ask, Imagine, Plan, Design, and Improve to help them create a helmet that would protect the “egghead” as it was dropped from a height of 10 feet. It was incredible to see the variety of designs that were created. You could have heard a pin (or egg) drop as the families gathered together to test their designs. It was inspiring to see families brainstorming ways to improve their helmets so their raw egg would be “saved” the next time. The favorite comment of the night came from Stavros Stanilous,“I look forward to this event all year!  I can’t wait until next year.”

Kathleen McCormick, a Science Enrichment teacher at Henry Ford Elementary School and Patricia Hartshorn, a professor in U of M -Dearborn’s Natural Science Department were the event coordinators. Both educators commented on the amazing support the event received from the community.

Thank you to the wonderful Henry Ford Science committee and staff along with all their community partners who helped run this event: 

U of M; Dearborn Elementary Education students; Wayne County RESA; Family Engineering Planning Guide; Mahmoud Hijazi, General Motors, and his son Abdu Hijazi; Society of Automotive Engineers ;  Ronnie Tront , STEM Educator and robotics expert;       U of M–Dearborn, Intelligent Systems Club;  Simon Mused, Engineering for Kids; Derek Gee, Ford Motor Company; Bob Mckevett, Ford Motor Company; DCMST instructor Steve Scott and  students Mariam Makki, Khansa Alhaidi, Joseph Robinson, Ali Mekled, Sejjad Alkhelby, Anne Holmes, Batoul Abbasi, Fatima Bouhamdan, and Zahra Makki; Erik Tschiggfrey, DPS videographer

And a special thank you to donors:  Art Hughes, the Dearborn Farm Market; Henry Ford Staff and Families who donated materials to run the Brain Saver center; U of M–Dearborn’s Natural Science Department; and  General Motors Customer Care and Aftersales Division for their generous donation of posters, hot wheels, and calendars. Specifically: Brand Quality Group (Ann Briedis, Jeffrey Strausser and Jessica Paciorek); Aftersales Engineering (Leo Gruzas); CCA Product Development (James Haist)

Robotics Station (1) Robotics Station (2) Robotics Station (3) Robotics Station (4)